20 Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Behind every famous person, there lies a normal human being. They might portray unbreakable heroes and sly villains on camera, but off the silver screen, they feel love and pain just like us.

But before they became the idols of millions around the world, they also lead normal lives. Normal lives with funny yearbook photos braced teeth, and with weird hairdos!

We have found 20 interesting photos of famous people before they were known to the world.

Milla Jovovich

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Nicole Kidman

Kurt Cobain

Bob Marley

Vin Diesel

Robert Downey Jr

Frank Sinatra

George Clooney

Steve Buscemi

Bill Clinton

Michael Jordan

Angelina Jolie

Jim Carrey

Robin Williams

Leonardo DiCaprio

Bruce Willis

Scarlett Johansson

Dita von Teese