7 Beauty Products That Dermatologists Added to Their Black List

We’ve learned to trust the beauty products that carry the “approved by dermatologists” stamp. It’s true that the recommendations of these medical specialists have a specific professional value and, at the same time, doctors are humans themselves that need to take care of their skin. Do you ever wonder what they prefer to use and what is taboo to them?

We put together a list of beauty products that dermatologists never use themselves and never recommend to their patients. It’s surprising to find out that the products from this list seem pretty harmless and many people probably have them in their purse or on their bathroom shelf.

1. Hand and body lotion

Dermatologists usually use creams which are heavier and contain a higher viscosity than lotions. Creams penetrate the skin and provide a barrier that prevents moisture loss from the skin, while lotions don’t. Body lotions usually have a higher water content. Lotion is good for skin that is not excessively dry or when it’s preferable to not have a sticky, greasy feeling on the skin.

2. Charcoal face masks

This popular product has a lot of opponents among dermatologists. The specialists claim that these kinds of masks are not only painful but they also damage the skin structure. The ingredients of this mask are very aggressive, they remove skin cells, thin hairs, and oil from the skin.

3. Sunscreen spray

Experts agree that sunscreen spray is very user-friendly. But they prefer creams for their personal use. It’s impossible to apply spray in a thick layer. Besides, when sprayed, this product partially loses its active elements before reaching the skin. Dermatologists also believe that sunscreen products which contain zinc oxide are gentler to the skin and are more effective. These products reflect ultraviolet rays and don’t absorb them.

4. Tanning oil


Tanning oils are also not praised by dermatologists. They have low protection against ultraviolet rays and they also clog pores which worsens the skin’s condition.

5. Hydrocortisone cream

This cream is a strong steroid product. It’s supposed to be used when a person has serious skin diseases. However, some people prefer to use it on acne without a doctor’s prescription which is pretty bad because it can cause rashes, skin thinning, dermatitis, and steroid acne, after prolonged use.

6. Foot masks

Dermatologists don’t recommend using moisturizing or nourishing foot masks. Creams can easily have the same effect. So, foot masks are pretty useless and are not very convenient.

7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very popular, especially for home use. But it’s not the best option for face care. Coconut oil makes the skin oily, clogs pores, and, as a consequence, leads to acne and pigmentation.


7 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Wrinkles in 12 Minutes

“Facebuilding”, or training of the face, helps the skin to become more elastic and aligned. It also improves blood flow and lymph flow, removes puffiness, and makes facial features more expressive. Doctors conducted a 20-week experiment in which 16 women from ages 40 to 65 years old participated. During this time, all participants did exercises for the muscles of their forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and neck. The experiment showed that such exercises actually improved the skin on their face and reduced visible signs of aging.
We have collected 7 facial exercises to help you maintain muscle strength and perhaps repeat the experience of Benjamin Button!

How does it work?

Facebuilding can help you to remove nasolabial folds and wrinkles from the forehead, eyes, and lips. It really tightens the skin and gives it a youthful glow.
We must be clear though, that 2 days of facebuilding is not enough time to really change anything. But if you want to stick to the routine and work long and hard, let’s give it a go!
Facebuilding is a series of exercises. Always begin the routine with a warm-up of the face using your hands. Squeeze and unclench your eyelids, relax the face, frown, and smile. Perform this exercise at least 10 times in a row. Try not to stretch the skin of your face, but instead, gently squeeze it. Then rub your face with a wet warm towel and relax.

After the warm-up, begin to perform the following exercises.

Exercise 1: “A light surprise”

This exercise will help you increase your forehead’s muscle tone.

  • Place fingers on your forehead as shown in the image.
  • Raise and lower your eyebrows as if you’re surprised.
  • Make sure that there are no creases on the forehead.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 2: “Flirty eyes”

“Flirty eyes” will help you to prevent the emergence of wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Take your eyes right to left. Then repeat it left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top.
  • Only your eyes should be moving! The jawbone is immovable.

Repeat this exercise 5 times for each direction.

Exercise 3: “O”

Let’s eliminate those nasolabial folds!
Put your mouth in the shape of the letter “O”. You can even pronounce the sound of the letter “O” out loud.
Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 4: “Smile”

Keep the tone of the cheekbones and cheeks strong with this exercise.

  • Pull your lips into the mouth.
  • Place your fingers on the corners of your lips and lightly press on them.
  • Pull the corners of your lips to your ears.
  • Return to the basic position.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5: “Hooligan”

The purpose of this exercise is to remove the double chin and increase muscle tone in the neck.

  • Put out your tongue and point it up.
  • Turn your head halfway up, then turn to the right.
  • Lift your chin up. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Then go back to the basic position and repeat the same motion in the other direction.

Repeat this exercise 5 times in each direction.

Exercise 6: “Grandma”

If you want to get rid of nasolabial folds, the “Grandma” exercise is for you.

  • Open your mouth.
  • Hide your lips behind your teeth.
  • Strengthen the tension and draw your lips into the mouth. Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Exersice 7: “Rubber”

The “rubber” exercise helps you to remove horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

  • Wrap your hands behind your head.
  • Then put them on the border of your hairline on the forehead.
  • Pull yourself back a little bit with your hands.
  • Purse your lips in the shape of the letter “O” and look down. Hold for 10 seconds in this position.

It’s important to feel the tension of the forehead constantly during this exercise.

Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Important detail

Make sure that all of the movements are done smoothly and be careful not to press too hard on your skin. Don’t forget to breathe deeply during the exercises.

Have you ever practiced exercises for the face? Share your experience with us in the comments!


10 Natural Tricks to Remove Dark Knees and Elbows

Accumulation of dead skin cells, friction, extensive exposure to sun, or a hormonal imbalance can become the cause of dark knees and elbows. These parts of our body don’t contain any oil glands and it’s important to protect them from dryness through proper care and hygiene.

We present 10 easy yet super effective techniques to help you nourish your skin and remove dark patches.

10. Cucumber

Due to its bleaching properties, cucumber is among the most effective ways to get rid of dark knees and elbows. It removes dead skin cells and keeps your skin moisturized. Vitamins A and C that are present in cucumbers keep the skin beautiful and fresh.

Gently rub thick slices of cucumber over your elbows and knees for 15 minutes.
Leave it on for another 5 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.
You can also mix equal amounts of cucumber juice and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your knees, elbows, and also underarms. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse it off. Do this on a daily basis.

9. Lemon and baking soda

Lemon is an excellent skin lightening ingredient. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamin C which promote skin regeneration and improve skin complexion. Baking soda acts as a gentle and effective cleanser for whitening dark areas of skin.

Take a lemon and cut it into 2 halves.
Sprinkle 1 tbsp of baking soda on top of the lemon.
Rub your elbows and knees for 1 minute.
Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water.
Repeat once every 2 days for a desired effect.

8. Aloe Vera and milk

Aloe Vera contains substances that help to moisturize your skin and improve uneven skin tone. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The combination of Aloe Vera and milk is a simple and useful way to lighten your skin naturally.

Mix equal amounts of milk and Aloe Vera gel and apply the mixture to your skin.
Leave it on overnight and then wash it off the next morning.
Alternatively, you can extract the gel from the Aloe Vera leaf and apply it to your knees and elbows. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

7. Potato

Potato is rich in catecholase enzymes that can naturally lighten your skin tone. Daily usage of potato will soften your skin and help you get rid of dark areas.

Grate the potato, squeeze out the juice, and apply it to your skin.
Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes, then rinse it with water.
Apply a moisturizer.
You can also rub your elbows and knees with a potato cut into slices for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is the most natural remedy remove impurities and dead skin cells from your knees and elbows without any side effects. It contains a compound called curcumin which reduces and regulates the excess production of melanin responsible for dark complexions.

Mix some turmeric powder with 1 tsp of milk.
Apply it to the knees and elbows.
Massage for a few minutes and leave it to dry naturally.
Rinse it with warm water.
You can add a bit of honey to the mixture for a better effect.

5. Coconut oil

Woman applying coconut oil on legs, closeup

Coconut oil is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E that help to repair dark and damaged skin.

After each shower or bath apply coconut oil to the affected areas.
Massage gently for 2-3 minutes until the oil is absorbed into the skin.
You can also add 1/2 tsp of fresh lemon juice to 1 tsp of coconut oil and gently massage your knees and elbows for a few minutes.

4. Honey

Honey acts as a natural moisturizer. In combination with lemon it can work wonders on your skin.

Mix 2 tbsp honey, the juice of half a lemon, and 1 tsp baking soda.
Apply the mixture over the darkened areas.
Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off.
Honey also works well with milk and Aloe Vera. You can combine 1 tbsp of honey with 1 tsp of milk and 1 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel. Apply the paste to your skin, leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse it off with warm water.

3. Sugar and olive oil

A homemade scrub made from sugar and olive oil will nourish, hydrate, and remove dead cells from your skin.

Combine equal amounts of sugar and olive oil to make a fine mixture.
Apply it to knees and elbows and massage in circular motions for about 5 minutes.
Repeat this on a weekly basis.
This scrub can also be used to cleanse your face. Just make sure to not rub too hard, as it may hurt your skin.

2. Oatmeal scrub

Along with having a lot of benefits for health, oatmeal is another effective way to have a flawless skin tone. You will need lemon juice, oatmeal, and salt.

Mix the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 tbsp oatmeal, and a pinch of salt.
Apply the scrub in circular motions to your knees and elbows for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse with warm water.
Repeat this process 3-4 times a week to achieve the best results.
You can also combine 2 tbsp oatmeal with 2 tsp of milk and message the dark areas for 10 minutes. Then rinse it off with water. It will make your skin feel soft, smooth, healthy, and radiant.

1. Vinegar and yogurt

The rich content of acetic acid in vinegar and lactic acid in yogurt will help to cleanse your knees and elbows and reveal glowing skin.

Mix 1 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.
Apply this mixture on your skin.
Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water.
Repeat this procedure 3-4 times a week.
Another easy way to lighten your skin is to mix apple cider vinegar with some water and apply it to your elbows and knees with cotton balls. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off.

7 Unexpected Foods to Avoid That Can Be Toxic for Your Skin

Sometimes things we love can actually be harmful. And it’s really unfortunate when the consequences don’t let you go out somewhere or what’s worse, make you feel sick.

To avoid these unpleasant feelings and to provide you with a healthy appearance, We would like to show you some food you may want to consider cutting back on or completely excluding from your food ration.

1. Alcohol



“Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do for your skin,” says Time Bomb skincare expert Michaella Bolder. Unfortunately, after the positive feelings you were having while drinking alcohol fade away, you’ll be left with many side effects. First, alcohol promotes hormone disruption that leads to acne. Second, it lowers your immune system by replacing very important bacteria in your gut, microbiome. Third, alcohol dehydrates your skin and makes you look and feel puffy.

If you don’t want to suffer from the negative effects of alcohol, try to set a spending limit, don’t drink before you leave home, and eat up and pace yourself.

2. Rice cakes


You’re probably surprised to find out that this supposedly “healthy” food is actually harmful. Rice cakes can lead to wrinkles on your skin and they can even influence your brain function. First, it’s easy to overeat them, which can result in weight gain. Second, if you check the nutrition label on the back, you’ll see that rice cakes consist of a whole lot of nothing, and even if you do find a healthy ingredient, there will be only a tiny amount of it. Third, rice cakes can cause blotches and acne by damaging molecules called Advanced Glycation End products, otherwise known as AGEs.

But if you really enjoy rice cakes, consider choosing the ones containing flaxseeds and adding sprouts, turkey, tomatoes or any other favorite vegetable so that you’ll get healthy unsaturated fats, calcium, and iron.


3. Sushi



Did you know that this delicacy leads to premature aging and causes acne? If not, now you do. Yes, unfortunately, it’s true. First, your favorite rolls contain a large amount of salt, one of our health’s worst enemies, and this can lead to dehydrated and dull skin. Second, salty food makes cells retain fluid, which makes your face puffy. Third, rice is high on the glycemic index and it can take away moisture and circulation from the epidermis, causing dry skin and premature aging. Julianne Moore was the first to call this phenomenon “sushi face.”

If you do eat sushi, it’s recommended to drink more water, do facial exercises, sleep at an incline so as not to allow fluid to collect in the face, use a cold compress, and avoid alcohol to prevent puffiness.


4. Dairy products



If you do eat dairy and still struggle with acne, this information may be helpful. First, milk from cows contains a growth hormone which exacerbates your skin’s oil glands and makes your skin extra oily. As a result, you become more prone to breakouts. Second, there is a lot of low-quality milk out there because cows are being fed with moldy GMO corn and soybeans. During the processing of the dairy, the milk gets damaged due to ultra-pasteurization, evaporation, skimming, and so on. All of this creates the perfect conditions for acne. Third, 75% of the world population is lactose intolerant, and this intolerance can lead to the appearance of acne and eczema.

You may want to consider switching to alternatives, such as goat’s milk, or buy raw milk from a local farm where you can be sure that the cows are fed grass. Also, 2% milk is a better choice when considering that it’s lower on the glycemic index.


5. Breakfast cereals



Sad, but true. Even such seemingly innocent cereals can be harmful for your skin. First, don’t believe the word “natural” until you see what the cereal consists of. You may find out that some of the ingredients are in fact GMO ingredients, which can make your skin itchy, increase allergies, and cause acne. Second, because of the process called extrusion, breakfast cereals are actually toxic to our body. Third, popular cereals also often contain synthetic vitamins our body cannot physically utilize.

If you can’t give up eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast, choose one containing less than 5 grams of sugar per serving. Pay attention to your portion and use the portion control information on the packaging for guidance. Read the consistency as the product usually contains more of the first 2-3 ingredients listed.

6. Processed meats


One of the reasons you could be seeing swollen skin, especially after visiting a café or a restaurant, could be due to consuming processed meats. First, there is a lot of sodium in processed meats such as ham, bacon, cured meats like chicken brine, and since too much salt makes you puff up, this could be why you feel swollen or puffy. Second, these types of meats also contain nitrites, which destroy collagen and elastin in your skin. Third, processed meats can cause premature aging due to broken elements that can no longer be relied on to support a youthful complexion.

To make processed meats less harmful to your body, make sure you don’t eat too much and that you don’t eat them every day. If you’re on a diet, base it on fresh foods.


7. Juices



Who doesn’t love juice? Especially when it’s considered to be so much healthier than soda. First, juices contain just as much sugar as soda does, and this sugar breaks down collagen in your skin and makes it rough. Second, juices lack fiber and this means that what you’re drinking isn’t providing your skin with the necessary nutrients. Third, lemon juice mask lovers are prone to a potential chemical burn. If you go out in the sun, the lemon juice can permanently damage your skin.

You can blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies to make sure your body gets all of the good vitamins and minerals. But it would be better to eat fruits whole so that you’ll get antioxidants and vitamins that are naturally found in fruits.

Do you know of any other harmful effects that our favorite foods can have on us? Feel free to share what you know in the comments below!




7 Great Tips for Outstanding Makeup

You don’t need to be a makeup artist to do gorgeous makeup. All you need is to use some clever tips that will emphasize your natural beauty and hide some flaws.

We have collected the most amazing makeup hacks that will help you look flawless every single day.

Use concealers of different colors for face contouring

Apply your foundation first, then the concealer. The foundation makes your skin tone smoother, and then the concealer accents your facial features.


Nose contouring

To make your nose look shapely and pretty, it’s not necessary to go under the knife. Apply darker concealer along the sides and under the tip of your nose and blend out.

An easy way to emphasize your eyebrows

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Outline your brows with a pencil: the bottom line first, then the upper one. Now fill in your eyebrows with short lines.


How to draw wings



To form your arrow, first draw a thin line from the outer corner of the eye towards the brow. Then add one more thin line from almost the middle of the eye, and connect it to the first line. Fill in your arrow. Make sure you don’t leave any blank spots.

Brushing the eyelashes

Grab a new toothbrush, and run it through your lashes from root to tip. The bristles will grab the excess mascara for fanned-out, gorgeous lashes.

Full lips

Moisturize your lips with some lip balm first, then slightly powder the entire lip area. Outline your lip contour with a pencil. Apply a darker lipstick to the corners of the lips and the lighter one to the middle. Shade the two colors a little bit.

Don’t apply lipstick directly over your dry and unprepared lips. Always prep your lips by exfoliating it first — go over your lips with a lip balm, then scrub it with a wet wipe. After that, go in once more with your lip balm to moisturize your lips. Taking this step before applying your lipstick can really make the difference.

8 Сheap Yet Proven Ways to Eliminate Dark Circles

Sometimes we wake up from a full night’s sleep and the first thing we see in the mirror is undereye dark circles. Dermatologists say that as we grow older, our skin lacks the ability to regenerate which leads to the increased visibility of dark circles. We can cover them temporarily with makeup, but it is not gonna help eliminate the problem in the long run.

We have gathered 8 tips and tricks that won’t cost you a lot of money and won’t take up a lot of your time in your battle against dark circles. At the end, there’s a helpful bonus!

1. Cucumber + rice flour + vitamin E + wheat flour

Cucumbers contain antioxidants that help vascular circulation and vitamin K which stimulates blood circulation. Rice flour has a whitening effect. Vitamin E is also a source of antioxidants which keeps skin fresh and young-looking. Wheat flour also helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.


Take one cucumber, cut it into small pieces and place it in the food processor/blender. Then strain it to get the juice.
Add 3 tbsp of finely-ground rice flour to the cucumber juice.
Add 1 capsule of Vitamin E and mix these 3 ingredients.
Add 3 tbsp of wheat flour (if you don’t have wheat flour at home, you can use all-purpose flour instead.)
Apply this mask to your under-eye area and leave it on for 15 minutes. You can use it every day until you are satisfied with the result.

This mask can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 9 days.


2. Cucumber + potato + honey + aloe vera gel



Potatoes help transfer antioxidants such as vitamin C to the skin. They also contain enzymes which help brighten the skin. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the appearance of the dark circles and it also smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Aloe vera also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and healing properties which work magic on dark circles.


  • Take 1 cucumber and 1 potato and grate them. Then strain this cucumber-potato mass to get the juice.
  • Add 1 tsp of honey.
  • Add 1 tsp of aloe vera gel and mix all the ingredients together.

Refrigerate the mask for 10-15 minutes before applying the mixture on your dark circles for 15 minutes.

This mask can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


3. Vitamin E + Rose water



Rose water nourishes and rejuvenates the skin naturally, making the dark circles a little bit less visible.


  • Mix 1 capsule of vitamin E and 4-5 drops of rose water.
  • Apply it underneath your eyes before bedtime and leave it on all night.

The blend of rose water and vitamin E keeps the under-eye area soft and hydrated and it also makes it brighter and healthier.

4. Turmeric powder + tomato + yogurt + rice powder


Turmeric is a powerful, natural antioxidant with great anti-inflammatory properties which minimize dark circles tremendously. Tomato serves as a natural bleach so it helps brighten the under-eye area. Probiotics and lactic acid in yogurt really helps lighten the dark circles and remove the dead cells.


  • Take 1 tomato and place it in the blender to make a tomato paste.
  • Mix 1 tbsp of tomato paste with 1 tbsp of turmeric powder.
  • Add 2 tsp of yogurt.
  • Add 1 tsp of rice powder and mix all the ingredients together.

Apply this mask under your eyes and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

5. Parsley + tomato



Parsley has amazing lightning properties and it’s great for eliminating dark circles.


  • Take the parsley and remove the leaves from the stem.
  • Take 1 tomato and make a tomato paste.
  • Place the parsley leaves and tomato paste into the blender to mix them together.

Take 2 cotton pads and put them into the mixture. Gently squeeze the cotton pads to get rid of the treatment excess and place them under your eyes. Leave them on for approximately 30 minutes.

6. Orange juice + glycerin

Orange juice mixed with glycerin reduces the appearance of dark circles and makes your skin more smooth and soft.


  • Mix a small amount of fresh orange juice with a few drops of glycerin.
  • Apply the juice under your eyes with a cotton ball and leave it there for 2-3 minutes. You can repeat this regularly until you’re satisfied with the result.

7. Mint leaves + lemon juice



Mint leaves contain antibacterial properties that are great for constricting blood vessels. It also has a powerful cooling effect. Lemon juice is famous for its bleaching effect.


  • Blend fresh mint leaves to form a paste.
  • Take fresh-squeezed lemon juice and mix it with the mint leaves.

Apply the mask to the dark circles and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. This treatment can be used daily


8. Cold compresses



Cold compress can make blood vessels less visible which helps eliminate the appearance of dark circle.

Take a clean washcloth and soak it in milk or cold water for about 3 minutes. Wringe the cloth and apply it under the eyes. Leave the compress on for 5 minutes.



Vitamin E is great for moisturizing the skin and improving its elasticity. It not only reduces wrinkles but also helps fight freckles, dark circles, and age spots. You can make your own cream using vitamin E, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and any essential oil.


  • In a double boiler, melt 3 tbsp of cocoa butter and 4 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix them together and let the mixture cool a little bit.
  • Add 1 tsp of vitamin E and 4 drops of any essential oil that you like. Place the mixture in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
  • Whisk the mixture until it becomes lighter and then put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Whisk the cream again until it’s fluffy and put it in a jar.

It’s better to use this DIY cream at night so that it can be absorbed into your skin and make it soft and healthy.

Have you tried any of these simple and inexpensive home remedies for dark circles? Or maybe you have some of your own tricks to get rid of dark circles? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

12 Makeup Tips That Can Make Your Life Much Easier

There is no need to spend a lot of money and hours in front of the mirror to look awesome. Sometimes several small tips can help save time and help you earn the reputation of a makeup guru.

We collected the secrets of professionals and amateurs for you that will definitely make your life easier.

12. Get the effect of a gel eyeliner from an eye pencil.

In order to get perfectly straight and thin lines from a classical eye pencil, you can melt the tip of the pencil with the help of a match or a lighter. This trick will help you get the texture of a gel and will be perfect in situations where there is no liquid eyeliner nearby.

11. Budget body bronzer


It’s easy to get shimmery skin like the the models in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show have. There is no need to use expensive oils and body shimmers. If you have golden eyeshadows that you don’t need anymore or a broken but favorite bronzer, give them the second life by mixing them with a baby oil spray.

10. Face powder in between mascara layers for volume

You can easily get extra eyelash volume with the help of your face powder. After applying the first layer of mascara, apply a thin layer of face powder to your lashes with the help of a brush or a Q-tip. After that, apply the second layer of mascara.

9. Curl lashes and apply eyeliner at the same time.


Ресничный контур, одна из самых важных деталей макияжа глаз, кто у нас учился точно знает!🙃 . Сегодня на себе попробовали один бьюти-трюк для быстрой прорисовки ресничного контура карандашом в ежедневном макияже для себя🙌🏻 делимся результатом 😃 . 1. Берём керлер для завивки ресниц и мягкий карандаш или гелевую подводку; 2. Наносим на внутреннюю часть керлера карандаш, вдоль края; 3. Прикладываем керлер к ресничному краю; 4. Немного подтушевываем края линии в дымку пальчиком . Пробуйте, делитесь известными бьюти- лайфхаками, которые мы попробуем на себе и напишем о результатах! . #бьютиблог#бьютитрюк#лайфхакидлядевушек #лайфхакдлядевушек #красота#макияж#мейкап#бьютиблогер#макияжглаз

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If you use an eyelash curler, you can save a huge amount of time during your morning beauty ritual by following the recommendation of British makeup artist Wayne Goss. Simply draw a line across the upper curve of the tool with an eye pencil or liner — it will apply the liner to the roots of your lashes when you curl them.

8. Make your eyes visually bigger.

To create the illusion of thick brows you can use a secret trick that makeup artists swear by. When filling in your brows with a gel or eyebrow wax, press the hairs to the skin right after applying the wax, before it gets dry. Painted hairs will leave prints on the skin and create a natural extra volume.

7. Create the illusion of thick brows.


To create the illusion of thick brows you can use a secret trick that makeup artists swear by. When filling in your brows with a gel or eyebrow wax, press the hairs to the skin right after applying the wax, before it gets dry. Painted hairs will leave prints on the skin and create a natural extra volume.

6. Eyedrops for pimples and skin redness


Simple eyedrops can help you get rid of a pimple that appeared at a very unexpected moment. This SOS remedy helps to reduce redness caused by skin inflammation by narrowing capillaries exactly the same way it helps to reduce redness in eyes.

5. Enlarge lips with the help of face sculpting powders.

Face sculpting powders and a thin brush can make your lips visually plump. This is the secret trick that celebrities often use on the red carpet. You can add extra volume by creating a shadow under the lower lip and a highlight above the upper lip. Create a very thin line leaving a 2-3 mm margin, the way it’s shown in the picture, then add a highlighter to contour the upper lip for a plumping effect.

4. Brighten up your look with the help of a highlighter.

If you keep finding you look tired in the morning, this simple trick will help you solve the issue. Besides just applying a highlighter under the brows, use white eyeshadow and extend its usage to the inner corner of your eyes and the center of your eyelids, the way it’s shown in the picture. It will help to visually lift up your morning eyes.

3. Transparent face powder beneath skin foundation


Приемы визажистов Итак, о чем эти три чудесные фотографии меня? О том, что техника наслаивания разных текстур даёт более плотное покрытие и более стойкий результат, эту технику я использую в каждом своём макияже, с тенями и хайлайтерами. На этой фотографии приём менее частый в моем арсенале, но в некоторых случаях он спасает, как ничто другое. Для того, чтобы тональная основа ложилась ровнее, держалась (существенно!!) дольше, до нанесения тона кожу можно слегка припудрить. Да, выходит, что пудру можно нанести до тона! Что у вас получается: тон ложиться чуть-чуть плотнее, но при этом не выглядит маской или штукатуркой, он как будто становится чуть гуще; кожа получает матовый финиш как от матирующего праймер, но на лице нет слоя праймера, а значит эффект более натуральный, кожа остаётся подсвеченной, так как пудрить сверху необходимости нет (однако, кому нужно – можно). И в завершение: тон держится намного дольше, даже летом, даже при непогоде, даже если вы решите расплакаться от такой красоты, отличный вариант для жирной кожи. Техника стара как мир, но почему-то о ней знают не многие. Так что, если это окажется полезным, объявлю раздел #tipsandtrick визажистов открытым. #всемстойкоготона

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This nonstandard trick will help your makeup stay on longer and make the layer of your foundation more dense without it looking like a mask. This method is often used for brides’ makeup at their weddings because that’s real test for face foundation.

2. The perfect winged eyeliner with the help of a wet wipe

If you’re still struggling with drawing that dreadful cat eye eyeliner, then this trick is especially for you. Do your eyes before applying foundation to your face and it will be easy to get the ideal “wing” with the help of a simple wet wipe.

1. Cleanse makeup sponges in one minute.

You can clean almost any makeup sponge in one minute without any extra effort. Simply place it in a bowl with any soapy liquid and microwave it for one minute. The magic of microwaves will clean it and all you’ll have to do afterward is rinse the sponge with water.

How much time do you usually spend putting on makeup? Do you use any tricks that work? Please share them in the comments!

How To Treat Dry Acne Prone Skin and Pimples

Having pimples, dermatitis and acne breakouts not just takes away from a person’s look, but they can also hurt self-esteem as well as self-image. Usually acne cases are related to filthy, greasy pores and skin, yet dermatitis can worsen acne-prone epidermis as well. Dealing with this mixture of the pores and skin doesn’t need an enormous variety of products. Rather choosing the right skincare items and looking after an easy skin care routine is all that is needed.



  1. Go with a daily face cleaner that’s non-comedogenic, consists of zero scents and it is made to treat dermatitis and help treat acne problems.
  2. Non-comedogenic items are made to stop obstructions of skin pores, which usually resulted in enhancement of whiteheads, pimples and cystic acne breakouts.
  3. Rinse the face only two times a day, except if there’s extra oil or sweating present. Dry skin is often hypersensitive and cleaning more than twice daily may result in extra dry skin while increasing acne.
  4. Stick to daily face cleaning having an oil-free or non-comedogenic makeup lotion. Skin lotions can tranquil discomfort, lessen peeling and reduce soreness associated with dermatitis.
  5. Start using a thin coating of lotion only–too much may depart pores and skin feeling oily or greasy and result in extra skin breakouts.
  6. Try a Vape in your home to improve the quantity of dampness in the air. Waterless air in a few environments or throughout the winter season may result in dry skin.
  7. Adding dampness into the atmosphere can help to eliminate the quantity of ripping and peeling associated with dermatitis.
  8. Consume a supplementary glass of water every day. Normal water won’t stop acne breakouts but can moisten your body–resulting in moisturized skin.
  9. Plan a scheduled appointment with a skin doctor. According to the quantity, intensity and kind of acne breakouts present, doctor prescribed lotions, creams; moisturizers along with other medicines may be suggested. They’ll also help you in finding the right over-the-counter remedies and examine your current cleansing routine.
  10. Steer clear of skin cleansers and toners that contain substantial amounts of salicylic acidity, benzoyl bleach or alcoholic beverages. All or any of those elements may cause extra dryness–resulting in increased acne breakouts, ripping and discomfort.
  11. To make your natural skin care program simple. With well over a face cleaner and lotion may result in extra breakouts and dry skin. Acne

4 Best Uses And Benefits Of Tomatoes For Skin And Hair

Tomatoes benefits and uses are not limited to just skin but it will be discussed about how it can effect skin beauty.
Tomatoes works extremely well in lots of homemade beauty treatments. Regardless if you are searching for a strategy to your acne-prone skin or even look for extra defense against the sun’s rays, tomatoes can certainly give it. Tomatoes are usually full of lycopene, that is a cancer-fighting anti-oxidant. Drinking a single cup of tomato juices every day will keep you wholesome. To maintain your skin appearing wholesome, you don’t have to invest lots of money.

  1. Skin Safety

Try to eat tomatoes to help secure your skin layer from the sunlight. Tomatoes consist of lycopene, an excellent anti-oxidant that actually works like a sun block . Lycopene fights cell deterioration and reddening of your skin. Does it yourself.com suggest eating 07 mg of lycopene each day to enhance sun-protection. Try to eat refined tomatoes, because these are far better soaked up by your entire body. Eat items for example tomato juices, tomato soups as well as salsa. Then add extra fat, for instance a cooked cheese food, to encourage lycopene assimilation a lot more.

  1. Hair Remedy

Unfold tomato paste, marinade or juice in your locks to get rid of any uncomfortable scents and chlorine harm. When the pH ranges of your tresses are out of stability, the level of acidity in tomatoes, can help restore this. Clean the tomato mixture out of your tresses after permitting it to saturate. The level of acidity in tomatoes also carries out your hair. It is consequently not suggested to use the fruit by itself on your hair. This particular hair therapy is an unexpected emergency therapy that ought to be used moderately.

  1. Pimples Treatment

Tomatoes might help decrease and distinct up your pimples. The level of acidity in tomatoes will certainly help to dry up imperfections on your face. Tomatoes include vitamin k-2, ascorbic acid and vitamin a palmitate. Aforementioned two are generally used in doctor’s prescription and over-the-counter pimples medicines. Cut a tomato in fifty percent and rub the on your face if you have gentle pimples. For more serious pimples, combine one tbsp of tomato juices with 4 drops of lime juice. Use the combination with a cotton wool ball. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before cleaning it off with hot water.

  1. Treatment Face Mask

Use acidic tomatoes on a regular basis to have a sleek complexion. Tomatoes may work as a facial cleanser on the skin and can help reduce your facial skin pores. Go ahead and take the pulp out of a tomato as well as put it on your skin layer. Ensure that is staying on for just one hour before cleaning it off with tepid to warm water. Make use of this face mask day-to-day for the greatest outcomes. To have an immediate shine, blend honey along with tomato juice till a heavy mixture appears. Use the mixture to your pores and skin and neck while staying away from the eye and mouth area. Hold out fifteen minutes before washing off the face mask.

uses and benefits of tomatoes