17 Pets That Fell in Love With a Toy and Wouldn’t Part From It for the World

Animals, like humans, get attached to different things and people — be it their owners, other animals, or even presents that are bought for them. Most of all, they like toys that have been with them for a long time. There are many pieces of evidence from touched owners on the internet that we are excited to share with our readers.

We gathered a list of some of the cutest animals and their favorite toys that have been together for many months and years. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that shows just how much we love our pets.

A kitten hugging another kitten. Isn’t that adorable?

Iris fell in love with her owner’s stuffed polar bear instantly. She still sleeps with the toy every day.

“18 months later and he still sleeps with his duck.”

A small Pomeranian and his shabby toy

Then vs now

“Winston turns one year ol today. He still sleeps with the same toy.”

Kaylee and her little polka-dot puppy

“The difference a year and a half makes for both my cat and his toy monkey…”

“Benny and his favorite toy. A 9-month-long love story.”

“Mr. Carrot has always been one of Frank’s favorites!”

“Myla and her lambchop”

Croc battle: Then vs now

croc battle: then and now

“Mayo is my dog’s best friend.”

Barney the Retriever and his crocodile friend

8 months later, this little ball of fury grew into a big cat. But he still loves to cuddle the toy monkey.

A good boy and his cute panda

When the owners picked him up from the breeder’s house, they let the new owners take his favorite toy. 1.5 months have passed and he still sleeps with it all the time.







Hilarious Guide To Dog Breeds That Will Help You Choose Your Next Dog

There are so many dog breeds, it’s incredibly easy to mistake one pooch for another. Luckily, St. Louis-based artist Grace Gogarty (a.k.a. Little Tunny) has created a comprehensive comic series that will help you identify most doggos.

“I’ve been drawing comics since I was a kid,” Grace told  “I absolutely love animals so that’s usually my focus! I worked as a supervisor at a doggy daycare for years and got to meet lots of dogs. The breeds featured in this guide are the breeds I met the most of.”

The artist has divided the series into three parts – big, medium, and small dog breeds, so no k9s are left behind. Great Danes? Check. Border Collies, Yorkshire Terriers? Yep. “Sadly, I haven’t met every dog in the word yet, so I couldn’t write about them all,” Grace said. “Although I stereotype them, all dogs are wonderful individuals, so I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite breed!”

Among the animals Gogarty owns, there’s one pooch as well. “His Name is Huey and he is an enigma. We have no idea what kind of breeds he’s comprised of!” Scroll down to meet the pups, and remember – even if some traits sound better than others, every dog deserves a pet. Even if it pees all over your new rug.

Woman Leaves Her Dog With Dad, Receives The Best Texts From Him

Not sure if your parents are ready for grandkids? Leave them with your dog! When Meghan Specksgoor had to visit New York City, she started looking for someone to take care of her 4-year-old dog, Chance. And is there a man, better for the job than your dad? After she went away, however, Meghan started receiving surprising messages from the grey babysitter. “They usually get along great,” Meghan told . “Chance is allowed to do whatever he wants with my dad – like an actual grandchild – and is given all sorts of treats the whole time he’s with him.”

Before going further with the story, it’s worth mentioning that she met her four-legged buddy at the Richmond Animal League (RAL). “I walked into [there] with a friend of mine who was looking for a puppy. And walked out with a completed application for ‘Chap.’ ‘Chap’ was brought to RAL with a shattered jaw from someone shooting him. We had surgery done to get a plate put in his jaw and he has been perfect ever since. He’s been re-named after my favorite rapper “Chance the Rapper,” and I thought it was fitting since he has been given a second chance at life.”

Now, back to the internet’s delight. Luckily, Meghan decided to upload everything that Chance and her dad were up to to Twitter. Scroll down to check out the story that received over 150K likes on the social network and let us know in the comments if you’d be comfortable leaving your pup with this guy. Or staying with him yourself.

Recently, Meghan Specksgoor had to go a trip to NYC but she couldn’t take her dog with her 

So she decided to surprise her loving dad with a granddog instead of a grandkid 

“My dad is babysitting Chance this weekend, someone please get this man a grandchild” 

Chance looked really happy to spend time with his grandpa 

They went on plenty of adventures, bonding along the way 

Nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries! 

Now, Meghan and Chance are reunited


And the internet thinks she should get more dogs instead of children