20+ Times Students Had The Best Yearbook Quotes

School yearbooks are a perfect opportunity to leave your mark on your time at school, something to look back on for years to come and feel proud of. Unfortunately, they can often instead become horrible reminders of questionable fashion choices and awkward attempts to appear cool and intellectual.

Not these guys though. Intentionally or not, all of these students hilariously nailed their yearbook quotes, forever to remain heroes of their class for their abilty to make us laugh with just a single sentence.

This list, compiled by us, is part two of our epic yearbook quote collection, part one can be found here. Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and feel free to share your own quotes in the comments!

#1 Keep Calm, It’s Just An Extra Chromosome

#2 I’ve Learned To Say Here When The Teacher Hesitates While Taking Attendance

#3 “Don’t You Dare Use That As Your Senior Picture” – Mom

#4 “My Senior Project Was To Make A Clone.” ‘A+”

#5 I Started High School With Straight A’s, Now I’m Not Even Straight

#6 When Life Shuts A Door, Open It Back Up. That’s How Doors Work

#7 I Only Wear This To Give The Rest Of You Girls A Chance

#8 So Heard The Ladies Like Bad Boys. Lucky For Them, I’m Bad At Everything

#9 To All The Teachers That Never Taught Me A Thing: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5 35:08

#10 Anything Is Possible When You Sound Caucasian On The Phone

#11 Of Course I Dress Well. I Didn’t Spend All That Time In The Closet For Nothing

#12 ‘I’ve Never Had A Bad Hair Day All Of High School”

#13 This Is My Actual Last Name

#14 I Make Terrible Science Puns, But Only Periodically

#15 “You’re An Asian, Not A B-Sian” – My Dad

#16 My Ears Give Out Better Signal Than The School Wi-Fi

#17 “You Become Doctor Now?” – Grandma

#18 High School Musical Told Me We’re All In This Together But You Guys Were Not Helpful

#19 Pancake Recipe

#20 “Knock! Knock!..” “Who’s There?..” “A Patel!”

#21 Yes, It’s My Real Name

#22 RIP Club Penguin, You Raised Me When My Parents Didn’t Want To

20+ Times Elevators Surprised People With Genius Design Solutions

Elevators are generally an under-used design space, with the vast majority of them retaining a functional, box-and-button style that offer little in the way of visual appeal. Luckily however, there are some who recognize the potential of this little room-on-the-move, and get as creative with the humble elevator as they would with any other space!

We celebrate these out-of-the-box thinkers, and have compiled a list of the coolest, craziest and cleverest elevators out there. From aquariums and shuffle buttons to scary floor designs, this list is sure to uplift you! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself.

#1 The Elevator Ride At The World Trade Center Tour Shows You The Architectural History Of New York

#2 This Elevator Is Out Of Service

#3 Aquarium Elevator In Berlin, Germany

#4 Creative Poster Placement

#5 This Elevator With An Additional Alarm Button Near The Ground In Case You Can’t Get Up

#6 This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Kick

#7 This Elevator Sign

#8 Winter Wonderland Inside Of An Elevator

#9 This Centre For Long Term Ill Elders Redesigned Their Elevators To Create Less Anxiety And Avoid Patients Running Away

#10 Came Across One Of The Most Fun Elevators I’ve Ever Seen

#11 Steam Powered Elevator, St Petersburg, Russia

#12 Fancy Elevator With Seats Inside

#13 How Accurate Is This Elevator Claim?

#14 Elevator Floor Painting

#15 The Colorful Button Panel On The Elevators Of Our Children’s Hospital

#16 This Elevator Has A Call Button 30 Ft Away So The Doors Will Be Open By The Time You Get To Them.

#17 My Hotel In Odessa (Ukraine) Tells You Which Day It Is By Changing The Elevator Carpet Every Day

#18 This Elevator Door…

#19 The Elevators In My Office Building Have An Umbrella Sign That Lights Up If It’s Raining Outside (Osaka, Japan)

#20 This Elevator Shows How Close To Capacity It Is Based On The Weight Of The Riders

#21 Now That’s One Ingenious And Well-Placed Movie Poster

#22 The Twilight Zone In East Hotel Elevator

#23 Some Slick Bastard Defaced This Elevator





7 Beauty Products That Dermatologists Added to Their Black List

We’ve learned to trust the beauty products that carry the “approved by dermatologists” stamp. It’s true that the recommendations of these medical specialists have a specific professional value and, at the same time, doctors are humans themselves that need to take care of their skin. Do you ever wonder what they prefer to use and what is taboo to them?

We put together a list of beauty products that dermatologists never use themselves and never recommend to their patients. It’s surprising to find out that the products from this list seem pretty harmless and many people probably have them in their purse or on their bathroom shelf.

1. Hand and body lotion

Dermatologists usually use creams which are heavier and contain a higher viscosity than lotions. Creams penetrate the skin and provide a barrier that prevents moisture loss from the skin, while lotions don’t. Body lotions usually have a higher water content. Lotion is good for skin that is not excessively dry or when it’s preferable to not have a sticky, greasy feeling on the skin.

2. Charcoal face masks

This popular product has a lot of opponents among dermatologists. The specialists claim that these kinds of masks are not only painful but they also damage the skin structure. The ingredients of this mask are very aggressive, they remove skin cells, thin hairs, and oil from the skin.

3. Sunscreen spray

Experts agree that sunscreen spray is very user-friendly. But they prefer creams for their personal use. It’s impossible to apply spray in a thick layer. Besides, when sprayed, this product partially loses its active elements before reaching the skin. Dermatologists also believe that sunscreen products which contain zinc oxide are gentler to the skin and are more effective. These products reflect ultraviolet rays and don’t absorb them.

4. Tanning oil


Tanning oils are also not praised by dermatologists. They have low protection against ultraviolet rays and they also clog pores which worsens the skin’s condition.

5. Hydrocortisone cream

This cream is a strong steroid product. It’s supposed to be used when a person has serious skin diseases. However, some people prefer to use it on acne without a doctor’s prescription which is pretty bad because it can cause rashes, skin thinning, dermatitis, and steroid acne, after prolonged use.

6. Foot masks

Dermatologists don’t recommend using moisturizing or nourishing foot masks. Creams can easily have the same effect. So, foot masks are pretty useless and are not very convenient.

7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very popular, especially for home use. But it’s not the best option for face care. Coconut oil makes the skin oily, clogs pores, and, as a consequence, leads to acne and pigmentation.


People Are Laughing Out Loud At This Dad Who Went On A School Trip With 60 Kids And Live Tweeted The Horror

It started off as an innocent event

But things quickly began getting out of hand


All the children were asked to go to the toilet before they set off but…

Then the real nightmare began

Even Simon’s own daughter was against him

If that wasn’t enough, someone started getting sick

But the children’s curiosity quickly proved to be the most annoying thing on the trip so far

After they arrived at the museum, hope was nowhere in sight

Simon kept documenting the lovely things kids were telling him

When his wife asked how things were going, Simon told the harsh truth

Eventually, the horror story moved to the gift shop


Nothing changed, even on the way back

His final tweets perfectly summed everything up


10 Women Behavior That Men Absolutely Love

Women hold a very special place in everyone’s life. Without them, this world will be a boring place to live. And I mean literally boring because women are the butt of most of the jokes. So, let’s just say that you would have been laughing a lot less if women were not there. But laugh all you want but at the end of the day, it’s them who are going to take care of you and support you. You can complain as much as you want but you still love your girl.

These are some 10 female behavior that men cannot help but fall in love with!

1. Being a good listener

Normally women are considered chatter box but they are good listeners too. Men love those women who listen intently to what they are saying. And it’s not just for men, everyone admires this behavior.

2. PDA (Public Display of Affection)

Everyone loves a little bit of PDA. Men love when their women hold their hands in public or when they give a small peck on the cheeks. It makes them feel special.

3. Praise On Social Media

Who doesn’t loves a little appreciation? Being appreciated by their partner makes a person feel special and confident. Guys love this behavior.

4. Hair Stroke

Guys love when their girl strokes their hair. It can be during a conversation or while watching a movie. It’s a really cute behavior that men adores.

5. He Just Wants Attention

Everyone loves attention. Especially when it’s coming from their loved ones. Even if you are busy, don’t forget to send a quick text or a small call.

6.Bury Your Head

Not literally. Men love when their girls bury their heads in their chest. It just makes them feel more powerful.

7. His Thought

Guys love when women think about them even when they are busy. If you are out with your girlfriends, a small text for him can work wonders. This behavior makes them feel desirable.


8. Space

Everybody loves a little bit of space, that’s why men adore those women who are not clingy behavior.

9. Easygoing

Nobody likes tantrums. An easygoing and enthusiastic person is loved by all. It turns out men adore women with such behavior.

10. Taking Care

Another behavior that men adore in women is how they take care of their partners. Be it straightening the tie or setting the hair for the last time. Men love this kind of behavior.

Woman Makes A List For Her Boyfriend Of How To Deal With Her Panic Attacks, And Everyone Needs To Read It

According to the World Health Organization, anxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder and as many as 1 in 13 people globally suffers from it. Constant anxiety and panic attacks can disrupt a person’s life, making it hard for them to accomplish even the simplest everyday tasks. However, most people who never had any mental health issues find it hard to understand the weight of it all. Furthermore, many are left wondering how they suppose to act when someone close to them is suffering from a mental disorder.

Actress Kelsey Darragh who admitted to having panic attacks and an anxiety disorder shared an intimate list she wrote to her boyfriend. In order to help him understand her condition, she wrote down 15 things he can actually do to help her get through a panic attack. The list was highly appreciated and went viral. If you or someone close to you suffer from similar mental disorders this is a must-read!

Share your own tips in the comments!

Actress Kelsey Darragh who suffers from panic attacks and an anxiety disorder shared a list she wrote for her boyfriend

She wrote down 15 things he can actually do to help her get through a panic attack

Kelsey encouraged her followers to share what helps them get through panic attacks

People Hilariously Explain True Meaning Of Country Flags, And You May Not Like The Result

Stereotype jokes have got to be probably the least creative and tired kind of humor there is, a constant re-hashing of the same old cliches over and again from now until eternity. Italians eat lots of pasta? Check. Germans lack humor? Gotcha. Brazilians and football? Mhm. Oh, the Irish love potatoes do they? I never knew.

Yet still, they remain popular, we as humans apparently love to have our beliefs and categorizations confirmed and they make us happy. The internet has been experimenting with another angle on the theme lately, with people exploring the ‘true meaning’ behind national flags, and they do allow an element of creativity into proceedings! Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

A Psychologist Revealed a 3-Minute-Rule That All Parents Should Follow

How much time do you spend with your child after work? Technically, we only need about 30 minutes to cook dinner for them, about 15 minutes to read a book, and just a moment to kiss them good night. However, according to experts, among all these periods, there are 3 minutes that can be the most important of the day. Psychologist Nataliya Sirotich explained the rule of 3 minutes and according to her, if you follow this rule, you will have your child’s trust even when they are teenagers.
We decided to find out how to use these 3 minutes correctly to reach a level of complete and total understanding with a child, and it turned out to be pretty easy!

The rule of 3 minutes

This rule says that you have to meet your child every day as if you haven’t seen each other for a long time (even if you haven’t seen each other for 5 minutes while you were away at the store.)

Besides, it’s very important to be on the same level as the child’s eyes and spend 3 minutes hugging the child and asking them what happened while you were away. It’s especially important to follow this rule when you pick up your child from the kindergarten, school, or when you come back home from work.

Why it’s necessary

According to the psychologist, during the very first minutes after you see your child, they tell you all the information they can remember.

The consequences of ignoring the rule of 3 minutes can vary, depending on the character of the child. Someone who doesn’t have a chance to tell everything to the parents when they can won’t talk about very important things and over time, some facts will seem not important enough to even talk about them. In this case, parents might miss a lot of really important things.

Other children will keep talking the entire evening, recalling new facts every time and in the end, they will have a complete story. The parents of such a child have a risk of not hearing a lot of things too, because, for them, a speaking child will eventually become just background noise.

Additional recommendations

It’s important to note that the rule of 3 minutes doesn’t mean that you should spend only 3 minutes a day with your child. It only means that you must spend 3 minutes with the child right after you’ve met them to make sure you hear everything that is important for the child to tell you.

Also, to reach a level of complete understanding with your child, you can follow these recommendations from psychologists:

  • Spend some time every day to do something that you and the child are interested in together.
  • Let your kids understand that you hear them. For example, you can repeat the information you’ve heard from your child to make sure you understood everything correctly.
  • Don’t demonstrate fake excitement.
  • Return to the conversations a bit later, let them know that you remember what they talk to you about.
  • Avoid long and useless arguments even if they are about something completely obvious for you. Just tell your child, “OK, I understand that you disagree with me.”

How do you spend your time with your child? Maybe you follow the rule of 3 minutes on an intuitive level and always listen to everything that they have to say? Tell us in the comment section below!

20 Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Behind every famous person, there lies a normal human being. They might portray unbreakable heroes and sly villains on camera, but off the silver screen, they feel love and pain just like us.

But before they became the idols of millions around the world, they also lead normal lives. Normal lives with funny yearbook photos braced teeth, and with weird hairdos!

We have found 20 interesting photos of famous people before they were known to the world.

Milla Jovovich

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Nicole Kidman

Kurt Cobain

Bob Marley

Vin Diesel

Robert Downey Jr

Frank Sinatra

George Clooney

Steve Buscemi

Bill Clinton

Michael Jordan

Angelina Jolie

Jim Carrey

Robin Williams

Leonardo DiCaprio

Bruce Willis

Scarlett Johansson

Dita von Teese

7 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Wrinkles in 12 Minutes

“Facebuilding”, or training of the face, helps the skin to become more elastic and aligned. It also improves blood flow and lymph flow, removes puffiness, and makes facial features more expressive. Doctors conducted a 20-week experiment in which 16 women from ages 40 to 65 years old participated. During this time, all participants did exercises for the muscles of their forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and neck. The experiment showed that such exercises actually improved the skin on their face and reduced visible signs of aging.
We have collected 7 facial exercises to help you maintain muscle strength and perhaps repeat the experience of Benjamin Button!

How does it work?

Facebuilding can help you to remove nasolabial folds and wrinkles from the forehead, eyes, and lips. It really tightens the skin and gives it a youthful glow.
We must be clear though, that 2 days of facebuilding is not enough time to really change anything. But if you want to stick to the routine and work long and hard, let’s give it a go!
Facebuilding is a series of exercises. Always begin the routine with a warm-up of the face using your hands. Squeeze and unclench your eyelids, relax the face, frown, and smile. Perform this exercise at least 10 times in a row. Try not to stretch the skin of your face, but instead, gently squeeze it. Then rub your face with a wet warm towel and relax.

After the warm-up, begin to perform the following exercises.

Exercise 1: “A light surprise”

This exercise will help you increase your forehead’s muscle tone.

  • Place fingers on your forehead as shown in the image.
  • Raise and lower your eyebrows as if you’re surprised.
  • Make sure that there are no creases on the forehead.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 2: “Flirty eyes”

“Flirty eyes” will help you to prevent the emergence of wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Take your eyes right to left. Then repeat it left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top.
  • Only your eyes should be moving! The jawbone is immovable.

Repeat this exercise 5 times for each direction.

Exercise 3: “O”

Let’s eliminate those nasolabial folds!
Put your mouth in the shape of the letter “O”. You can even pronounce the sound of the letter “O” out loud.
Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 4: “Smile”

Keep the tone of the cheekbones and cheeks strong with this exercise.

  • Pull your lips into the mouth.
  • Place your fingers on the corners of your lips and lightly press on them.
  • Pull the corners of your lips to your ears.
  • Return to the basic position.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5: “Hooligan”

The purpose of this exercise is to remove the double chin and increase muscle tone in the neck.

  • Put out your tongue and point it up.
  • Turn your head halfway up, then turn to the right.
  • Lift your chin up. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Then go back to the basic position and repeat the same motion in the other direction.

Repeat this exercise 5 times in each direction.

Exercise 6: “Grandma”

If you want to get rid of nasolabial folds, the “Grandma” exercise is for you.

  • Open your mouth.
  • Hide your lips behind your teeth.
  • Strengthen the tension and draw your lips into the mouth. Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Exersice 7: “Rubber”

The “rubber” exercise helps you to remove horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

  • Wrap your hands behind your head.
  • Then put them on the border of your hairline on the forehead.
  • Pull yourself back a little bit with your hands.
  • Purse your lips in the shape of the letter “O” and look down. Hold for 10 seconds in this position.

It’s important to feel the tension of the forehead constantly during this exercise.

Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Important detail

Make sure that all of the movements are done smoothly and be careful not to press too hard on your skin. Don’t forget to breathe deeply during the exercises.

Have you ever practiced exercises for the face? Share your experience with us in the comments!